"If You're Passionate About Music And People - Go For It... And Listen Carefully When People Give You Advice Whether You Take It Or Not" - Alex Wharton, Abbey Road Studios (Paul McCartney, Radiohead, Pixies)

"So Much Of What A Producer Does Has To Do With Giving The Artist The Confidence To Do Their Best Work" Greg Calbi, Sterling Sound (MGMT, Tame Impala, John Lennon)

"Just Get Your Hands Dirty And Do Stuff... That's The Best Way To Figure It Out" - Peter Katis, Music Producer (The National, Interpol)

"The Most Profound Producers Are The Ones That Become Musical Muses For The Artists, There's A Magic In That Relationship Of Creativity" - Terry McBride, CEO Nettwerk Records (Coldplay, Passenger, Angus & Julia Stone)

"It's Entirely About Networking... If You Don't Have That Skill Set Than You Probably Won't Make It As A Producer Today" - Roger Levens, Little Mountain Sounds (AC/DC, Metallica, Aerosmith)